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Mage of Breath.

Sweet so let’s do this. Today, we’re talking about the mage of breath. 

So obviously, breath is a pretty well known aspect, since one of the main characters is tied to it. It’s basically wind, or it’s also very seldom related to life, in that it’s related to animation, or the motion of life, which is kind of god damned confusing.

Now, the mage is kind of a tricky class to talk about, since we know next to nothing about them. Very little has been revealed, so a lot of this will be speculation. There are several theories about what a mage actually does, it’s considered to be kind of like the seer, in that it has a comprehensive understanding of it’s aspect, or that it benefits itself with knowledge of its aspect. There’s also a theory that a mage is protected from the ill effects of its aspect. Another states that a mage is manipulated by its aspect, which i don’t really agree with. One other says that a mage manipulates through the use of its aspect. Another theory as that the mage experience its aspect.  And one of the more subtle theories is that a mage is the creator or their aspect.

To be honest, the two theories that i agree most with are the ones that say that a mage manipulates through the use of their aspect, and that a mage creates their aspect, so those are the two that i’ll be going over. 

So, for a mage that manipulates through the use of their aspect, i’m thinking that they could harness some sick winds, and that they would be able sort of control peoples motions and what they do. Not their minds, but like just their bodies. Be all like, stop stabbing yourself, stop stabbing yourself. Though that could be completely off base and i misinterpreted what it meant by “Manipulates through the use of”.

So now for a mage that creates their aspect, i imagine that a mage of breath could just like, make wind happen. Could just straight up fucking conjure tornadoes out of god damned nowhere. On the other hand, they could be a healer. How you might ask? Well here’s how i see it. Since breath is sometimes related to life, or the motion of life, i’m thinking a mage of breath could like, fix paraplegics, like tavros, in that they could bring motion back to his legs, or whoever else needed it.

Though i didn’t say i would go over this theory, i decided i would since it’s tickling my fancy to. A mage of breath that “experiences” its aspect could i think like, feel the motion of life all around it, being able to tell who’s near it, kind of like a radar, i guess. 

So that’s my take on a mage of breath. Pretty neat idea if you ask me. Hurp derp this a conclusion what now fuauauuauauau meow. 

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